Spring 2009

A Chinese Angle

by Melva McLean
In 1945 Minneapolis, a police detective drives his son to suicide but finds redemption while tracking down a serial killer.

Melva McLean is a writer and freelance editor. She has a Masters in Publishing from SFU and teaches publishing and writing courses. Her screenplay The Call was an Official Finalist of Moondace 2008 and Semi-Finalist of Praxis. Mel is a member of Women in Film in Vancouver, Praxis and the Editors; Association of Canada. A Chinese Angel is her third script.

The Kindness of Strangers

by Louise Deschamps
A 12 year-old girl is sent from her home in China to live in a house alone. Five years later, her parents join her in Canada and must face the consequences of their betrayal.

Louise Deschamps is a UBC graduate specializing in music and film. Her screenplay Blue Eyes was the winner of the 2002 Praxis screenwriting competition for feature-length screen play.

The Red Road Home

by Yang Hu
In 1966 China, during the Cultural Revolution, an apathetic foreigner must cooperate with a native university girl as they escape from the North of China to the South in order to swim across a narrow lake to Hon Kong and their freedom.

The Shallow End

by Brett Hannam
Ian and Dane Curtis are two young brothers that are living one day at a time, but when the simplest things suddenly become complicated they are forced to make an important life decision - to be accepted by others or to be true to yourself.

Slumach's Gold

by David Webb
Teenaged Stu has it though at home and at school, but when he learns about the legend of a lost, cursed gold mine said to exist in this hometown mountains, he figures his fortunes will change. Accompanied by his yet-unrequited crush, Ashley, he sets out after the fortune. However, if the gold is real - maybe the curse is too...  

David Webb, 30, is a full-time magazine editor and freelance writer currently based in St. Albert, Alberta. He has worked as editor for the Western Sportsman magazine, The Outdoor Edge, Cottage magazine and Adventurous magazine, and was nominated for "Editor, Best New Magazine" at the Western Magazine Awards in 2006. Webb received a BFA from the University of Victoria in 2003. Slumach's Gold is his second completed feature-length screenplay.

The Story of Life

by Graham Kosakoski
A violent foster child struggles with his hatred for his dying father and his yearning for family, ultimately bringing peace and hope to the people he cares about.